PROLOGUE (After the Tropic of Cancer…by Harold Robbins)

It’s Tuesday, January 2, 1996.  This year I will be 80 years old.  I sit here at my IBM typewriter and try to figure out how I can tell the story of my life.  Not easy.  I don’t really know if it’s real life or just another story.  Maybe it’s all the same to a writer.  My life, it seems to me, is a story much like any other.  After all, I wrote and became Harold Robbins.  With each new character, a new man, but in reality very much another man.  I became many men.  Francis Kane, Johnny Edge, Danny Fisher, Jonas Cord, Nevada Smith, Jed Stevens, Angelo Perino and many more.  But, it doesn’t matter.  I am those men and they are me.”

Harold Robbins wrote this as a prologue to his autobiography, After the Tropic of Cancer, which was never completed. I used this prologue in my novel, “Harold & Me” because I felt what he said was true for so many writers. The lines in their story become as much them as the fictional character. And don’t we all expand our horizons a little bit each day with the experiences we live 

Harold grew with every book from Francis Kane to Danny Fisher to Jonas Cord to Dax Xenos and his female characters, Jerrilee, Marja, Nelly, Janette, Tanya were the women he loved. He was all these people and they were him; and throughout each of his characters were good and bad people; weak and strong. But each, had the common thread of passion . This is what made them real, and this is what a reader falls in love with. That’s why the world of Harold Robbins is so seductive and intriguing.


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