A Cool Night with Harold Robbins

How cool is it to sit in a room of knowledgeable, astute ladies that read 4 or 5 books a month, maintain their families and households, and work on community projects and careers? It is very cool and I was impressed! A few nights ago I was invited to a book club event in Valencia, CA., great for me because my purpose was to listen and talk about the book they had chosen to read, A Stone For Danny Fisher by Harold Robbins. What a wonderful evening with….Karen Schnurr, Anne Artusio, Mary Bontempi, Barbara DeSantis, Kerri Emmer, Sue Horwitz, Jessica Miller, Ann Piscitello, and Lisa Walsh.  

Some had read Harold Robbins before and some had not. They admitted that they might not have chosen this book if it had not been for the book club. However, to their sheer delight each one loved the story and made very insightful and stirring comments about the story with his famous opening line…”There are many ways to get to Mount Zion Cemetery“.  They were immediately drawn into the story and became completely immersed in the main character, Danny Fisher to the point of passion! It was an eye-opener for some who in comparing our world now and the era in which the book took place, there were striking similarities. It answered the question about Harold Robbins relevance in our world today. His novels are compelling and relevant to every age. Now, that’s a great writer and storyteller!

“A Stone for Danny Fisher” is published by Simon & Schuster, A Touchstone Book in both Digital and Trade Paperback.   


~ by haroldrobbinsnovels on November 1, 2010.

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