How many times can you read a good book?

I spoke to a group of readers at a book club meeting the other day in Studio City, CA. They were a great group of avid readers with a variety of likes and dislikes. They had read “Never Love A Stranger”. The age group her was between 25 and 50. Mothers, business women, studio employees, porn set decorater, physician assistant. A varied and wonderful group with a common bond of books. This meeting brought out what I love about reading and immersing yourself into another world.
But, here was the common thread of comment about “NLAS”. “I found from the minute I opened up this book that I was immediately drawn into a different time, a different place and it grabbed my emotions. Somehow, I was transported into every character.”
It was great to hear all of this about Harold’s work, but I was curious about what they liked to read other than this book club opportunity. They read Stephen King, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Tom Clancy, Scott Turow, Deepak Chopra, and finally 3 of the women admitted that this was their 3, 6, and 10th time they had read Harold’s Never Love A Stranger. They also said that they saw something new each time they read it.
One reader admitted that she had not read a Harold Robbins book before. She said, it was a writer that her mother had read and she had not been interested in him because he was for her “yesterday”. But, now she wanted to know about his books and was going to download into her Kindle his other books.
I asked her why? She said she loved a book that enticed her from the first page. She loved to read a book that she fought sleep with to continue reading and when she woke up the next morning with the characters still alive in her mind. Congratulations, Harold! You’re reaching a new world of readers with work that can stand the test of time!


~ by haroldrobbinsnovels on October 28, 2010.

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