The Mines

Jorge Galleguillos gives a thumbs up after being rescued. via CNN

I was reminded of Harold Robbins, Memories of Another Day as I watched the Chilean miners story this morning. Harold Robbins went deep into the mines of West Virginia doing research for the above mentioned novel. When he would talk about his experience in the Appalachians where he lived for several months, he would tell stories about the past oppression of working in the mines before the unions made sure that safety came first and not greed. Many miners sacrificed their lives. Harold would hear story after story from the relatives of those who had gone before. His in-depth research fueled a story that became Memories of Another Day.

In this novel he included a story line about a father and son, (was the mining story the metaphor for the father son story…or vice versa. You be the judge) who were disconnected and only after the death of “Big Dan” did they come to terms with one another. The opening lines of Memories of Another Day were written from the heart of Harold Robbins:

“The last time I saw my father, he was lying quietly on his back in his coffin, his eyes closed, an unaccustomed blandness on his strang features, his thick white hair and heavy eyebrows neatly brushed. I stood there in the silence of the funeral chapel staring down at him. There was something wrong. All wrong. After a moment, I realized what it was. My father had never slept on his back. Not once in all the years I knew him.”

Every heartfelt detail of Harold Robbins life showed up in his books. Read Memories of Another Day and learn about the man,”Big” Daniel Huggins; his world, his life and his conflicts, and experience how the relationship between he and his son, DJ is finally resolved. A great read that takes you there visually into the heart of darkness in the coal mines of West Virginia.


~ by haroldrobbinsnovels on October 13, 2010.

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