“The Pirate” by Harold Robbins


Book signing 1992


Hope everyone is joining in on our contest to give away HR newly published novels. Just list your favorite and that enters you into the contest. My favorite has always been The Pirate! I read it the night before I moved to Los Angeles, never imagining that I would actually meet, work and marry Harold Robbins. Now that is an amazing story unto itself….If you get a chance read Harold & Me to follow this amazing thread in the fabric of life!

The Pirate begins with the birth of a child, and takes us through his life in Saudi Arabia and the sheiks of untold wealth and power from the oil business. But, this book reaches behind the curtain of life and it becomes a story of love and hate. How quickly love can turn to hate and vice-versa. It is a study of the black and whites in relationships which occur in our world today in even greater magnitude from a one on one relationship to our worldwide relationships. Harold Robbins had a grasp of human nature that is unequaled! And he walks us through scenes of how love can survive and thrive.

When he put “two fingers” to a typewrite he spoke to the very soul of our humanity!

The Pirate


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