Harold Robbins and AARP

Hi everybody….the trip to the AARP convention was great. Signed 100’s of HR books and since I am not the author, I gave each reader a quick story about HR and Never Love A Stranger…the story behind the story. The fans were avid and I hope everyone reading their autographed copies are having a great time.
I met authors who work with Author House during this spectacular event…Bernice and Andy Tate who write children’s books…they had a new one about “bullying” that I plan on reading since it is such a problem in our society today! All of their books are great.
Another author, Brent Green has written several books and has just published Generation Reinvention that should be of interest to every “baby boomer”. He is on the front line working for “boomers” filling the age gap and gender gap to keep us all happily employed, thriving and living large as only we “boomers” can! I loved talking with him and he will soon have a radio show in Colorado. He’s a motivator!
Check out the AuthorHouse.com website for all the exciting new books available.
Most importantly, I love all the new interest in reading books that is mushrooming with the new Kindle, IPad, Sony reader, and Nookd readers. I saw examples of all of them on the flight from LA to Orlando. It’s easy to read and carry. By the way, Delta and American Airlines each provided smooth flights. Thanks to all of you who work in the airline industry!


~ by haroldrobbinsnovels on October 6, 2010.

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