The Adventurers…Dax Comes Alive

I know I keep talking about The Adventurers, but situations and words from the book keep coming back to me from the story and it’s relation to today’s greed, power and lust…This book was written in the late 60’s. He is the master storyteller, weaving a magnificent saga that spans the world, from Cortugeay (a fictitious country with a dictator patterned after Trujillo) The story rings of authenticity then and now. One reader was blown away by Harold Robbins description of “self-loathing”….At a point of extreme discouragement in a man’s life, Dax Xenos feels…In my plethora of self-castigation and pity I had almost forgotten that the most important thing still remained undone…Harold could only write these powerful words if he had experienced them.

Take the time to go deeper and read the book. The Adventurers by Harold Robbins will open an entire new world for you as you peek behind the curtain of corruption and greed and one man’s journey in search of freedom. Harold Robbins always knew that money did not necessarily buy you freedom. Where do you find your freedom. Dax thought he had found it and maybe he did….The Adventurers, available now on Kindle, IBooks, check out AuthorHouse book store.

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~ by haroldrobbinsnovels on September 23, 2010.

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