The Opening Sentence

I was on a panel last night talking about authors. In particular, Harold Robbins…I know that’s a surprise to everyone reading my blogs:) During the discussion I told the audience about a fan of Harold’s who called him the most “readable” author ever to write a book.He was readable, I believe because he wrote in “plain English” but, about subjects of great depth. Harold spent countless hours composing the first sentences of his novels. With those first sentences, for him, it would ignite the story and if you read between the lines, it would capture the story..

There were many memorable lines….One of the most intriguing was the opening sentence to Spellbinder:

“Preacher,” the hoarsely whispered shout hung heavily in the shadowed, humid, jungle air.

There was a rustle in the underbrush that sent the birds abruptly shrieking into the trees, then silence. Preacher’s voice was low and calm. “Where are you?”

From that beginning “Where are you?” He felt he was asking the deeper question. Where are you God? Spellbinder, is a riveting story that essentially asks this question amidst the world of greed, violence and corruption and perversion of Pay TV preachers….As this fiction later became factual in the lives of Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, and other men of the cloth including the pedophile priests of the Catholic Church.

Preacher’s simple question of “Where are you?” even though he’s talking to a friend in the jungle becomes the question throughout the book and is finally answered in the final shocking scene.

Internationally published photographer Arthur Coleman and well-known dancer/model/actress Jaayda joined creative forces to create a cover as captivating as the book. Each cover in the Harold Robbins classics just released are a work of art, passion and beneath the surface of those covers lies an engaging novel by the world’s greatest storyteller.


~ by haroldrobbinsnovels on September 16, 2010.

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