The $100 Bet That Started It All

Harold's First Publicity Photo

Never Love A Stranger was Harold Robbins’ first novel. He wrote it after making a bet with the production manager, Billy Goetz at Universal Studios where Harold worked as a controller in the accounting department.

The story begins when Harold was asked to write a check for a book that Universal wanted to buy to make a movie. Harold had read the book and said “…that book is a piece of —-!” Goetz replied, “Rubin, you think you can write a better one? All you can write is a check!!!”

Harold took the challenge and the bet was on. From that $100 dollar bet was born a new career, a new way of writing in the world of fiction, a new last name for Harold Rubin, who became Harold Robbins….The world’s best-selling author of all time. Harold Robbins is a legendary storyteller who created a new stage for fiction writing for all authors like Jackie Collins, Judith Krantz, Arthur Hailey, Mario Puzo, and Robbins is the only author who is quoted as saying “Hemingway is a jerk!” Why? Well, that’s for another blog!

Never Love A Stranger was made into a movie in 1958 starring John Drew Barrymore, Lita Milan and Steve McQueen by Allied Artists (not Universal).


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