What Inspired Robbins to Write The Lonely Lady?

The year was 1966 and Harold Robbins’ The Adventurers had been #1 on the New York Times best-seller list for more than 6 months. Jacqueline Susann’s Valley of the Dolls knocked it off the prime perch after Harold Robbins gave her a dinner party at his home in Beverly Hills. Susann arrived holding a huge centerpiece to be placed on the dinner table showing off her book. Harold had a great sense of humor and enjoyed the evening with Susann, while other authors at the party felt Susann’s self-promoting antic was inappropriate.

When Harold wrote The Lonely Lady, many suspected it was based on Jacqueline Susann’s life story. Could The Lonely Lady be the literary child of the two great writers and two great novels The Adventurers and Valley of the Dolls?

Harold was always encouraging to other writers. He advised Sidney Sheldon and Kirk Douglas when they began their novels. He noshed on bagel, lox and cream cheese with Irving Wallace on Sunday mornings. He gave Steve Shagan a typewriter to write Save the Tiger.

This movie went on to win Best Actor Oscar for Jack Lemmon and Writer’s Guild award for best screenplay adaptation for Shagan. Harold Robbins had the “golden touch” for his own books and in the generosity he shared with others.


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One Response to “What Inspired Robbins to Write The Lonely Lady?”

  1. A great start. I’m really looking forward to reading more stories about what inspired Harold’s writing.

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