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Harold and Jann in Beverly Hills

As I drove to my job interview with Harold Robbins, I gazed at the beautiful palm tree-lined streets of Beverly Hills wondering what this legendary man might be like. He was the world’s best-selling author, writing books about sex, power and drugs. He was a master at weaving great characters into incredible stories and lifting the curtain of propriety to let his reader peek behind the scenes. The characters in his books were powerful, living lifestyles of big money, wild times and shenanigans fitting to the rich and famous.

But, I thought to myself, “He too was rich and famous… Would he be like one of his larger-than-life characters?” I wondered which one? Jonas Cord? Dax Xenos? Big Dan Higgins? Or could he possibly be studious and serious? After all, he was an author. And as I would soon discover, an author like no other.

Once I arrived at his palatial mansion, which looked like a movie set, I was escorted up a sweeping flight of stairs, past Picasso and Buffet paintings and into his bedroom. Yes, you heard me…his bedroom!

He sat Indian style in the middle of a huge over-sized king bed, smoking a cigarette and reading the newspaper. He wore heavy midnight black sunglasses, red jockey briefs and a T-shirt that read “Too much sex blurs your vision.” My questions from earlier were immediately answered. He was wild. He embodied sex and power. And I felt a driving energy as I stood next to his cream-satin bed. I could feel his presence absorb the room.

The interview went great, but the details are “classified.” Although I will say- I got the job! In fact, I not only got the job, but several years later we were married. I’d have to say it was the best job interview I ever had! After I entered the world of Harold Robbins, my life would never be the same. And my life, itself became a best selling novel as well.

I started this blog to share the world of Harold Robbins and his incredible novels with all of you. I will have guests blogging about the movies (12) of Harold Robbins books, the story behind the stories and the facts and hot gossip in between! I want to share all of Harold’s work and how he lives on through his words and works in the digital age. He was an incredibly complex and interesting icon who took our hands and told stories that were loved by many. Join us on this adventure and take a dive into the world of Harold Robbins.

-Jann Robbins


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